Wedding at the Flying Horse Ranch Corvallis, MT {Tyler & Whitney}


         You know those hot summer August weddings that are so hot you really wish it would rain?.  …..Well, lets just say that the weekend of August 23rd this year I think we got more rain in Montana than we did this whole spring. I was so nervous for the day because it was mostly outdoors, and I knew that we all were kinda bummed that the storm had really decided to stay.  Somehow though, I think that the unpredictable things at a wedding are what make it truely a unique day.  Even though most of the time we were walking back and forth under umbrellas, literally seconds after the “I do’s” the rain clouds lifted.  It stopped for all the pictures, and the sky was gorgeous after the rain fall and brought out an amazing blue in those breathtaking mountains.  

      I guess it goes to show that you can’t control the weather, but the one thing you can control is how much fun you decide to have. Might I say this group was a hoot.  Loved everyone involved, I could see how important family and friends were to Tyler and Whitney.  I will never forget how relaxed and gracious everyone was.  The bridesmaids even toughed it out in the soggy grass in heels for me, and the guys….well let’s just say they were having fun no matter what happened.  Thank you all for a great, beautiful, 57 degree August day.  I enjoyed every moment! 



Photography: MKate Photography Butte, MT

Venue: Flying Horse Ranch Corvallis, MT

Dress: Eskay Bridal Bozeman, MT

Tuxes: Rococo Bridal Missoula, MT

Flowers: Bitterroot Floral and arranged by mother of the bride

Cake: Rosauers, Missoula, MT

Food: Cafe Rio Missoula, MT

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Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-51 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-52 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-53 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-54 Flying_Horse_Ranch_Wedding_Montana-55